It’s all about the details


All the doorknobs in the house are original – except for one.  The doorknob on the ‘hidden’ closet in the living room.  This wall was once covered in mirrors – floor to ceiling.  We had them all removed and replaced the mirrors with grasscloth wallpaper.  Not only does it look great, but I noticed on ‘Mad Men’ that Don Draper’s gorgeous Manhattan apartment walls use the same paper.  Score!    So once the new wallcovering was up, the odd-one-out door knob was even more noticeable.   The interior doorknobs and hinges throughout the house are a copper plated brass, and a really gorgeous color, something you don’t really see anymore.  They were all dirty, the hinges were all covered in paint, glue, and worse, and so it was hard to see just how lovely they were.  Jim thought we might be able to find the missing doorknob at LIz’s Antique Hardware, here in Hollywood.   Score!  They had just one for sale, the right color, the right model, and it came in its original box.  Schlage, made in the USA.  Image




See how nice this looks!   It was like finding treasure.  I loved the fact that the knob was untouched, wrapped up in the original instructions, in the original box.  And now it looks gorgeous on the hidden closet in the living room.

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One Response to It’s all about the details

  1. James grenz says:

    Jim is so the details.

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